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Multi-purpose Portable Shower and Restroom Trailers in Sudbury

Looking to provide restroom facilities for your staff or guests at a public event, campsite, or construction site in Northern Ontario? At Jim's Portable Toilets & Septic Service, we provide you with restroom trailers that are the ideal onsite solution you need. We offer a variety of sanitized and equipped trailers with all the necessary amenities. Whether your need to freshen up, take a shower, or relieve yourself, we have a space to provide the exact solution you require.

The health and safety-trained team at Jim's Portable Toilets & Septic Service is committed to prioritizing user satisfaction by providing ultimate privacy and comfort with the quality trailers we offer. Reach out to our professionals to rent a portable restroom trailer for your next event or worksite.

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Trailers We Rent

We offer a wide range of portable lavatories designated for various events. Our units include:

  • Washroom trailer: These heated, spacious, and insulated trailers come equipped with two washrooms, a flush toilet, a urinal, and a sink with hot water.

  • Special event trailer: Rented exclusively for special events, these trailers offer heat, a mirror, full flush toilets, a sink (with running water), exterior lighting, and interior LED lighting.

  • Shower trailer: Whether you are sweaty after work or need an emergency shower at an outdoor party, shower trailers come in handy. They are ideal for festivals, campsites, or construction sites.

  • Wedding trailer: This easily transportable restroom is equipped with all the amenities, luxury and comfort a bride or groom would need on their special day. This includes heat, a mirror, full flush toilets, a sink with running water, interior and exterior lighting, and more.

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