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A red pickup truck carrying portable toilets

About Jim’s Portable Toilets & Septic Service

Established in 2000, Jim's Portable Toilets & Septic Service is a family-run business started with the aim of helping people. Being determined to deliver high-quality solutions for our clients motivates our team to be a trusted service provider in Sudbury. 


Whether you need rental services in crowded outdoor events or hard-to-access construction areas or need on-time water or disposal bin deliveries, we are always ready to step forward with a helping hand.

View of pickup trucks carrying portable toilets

Our Belief System

We have a set of values that we’ve been following since our business started. It includes:

  • Respecting the contribution of every individual

  • Giving equal importance to every position and job

  • Being grateful for the blessings we receive and sharing them with others

  • Never asking an employee or client to do something that we wouldn’t do ourselves

  • Paying our bills timely and using our debt sparingly

  • Always being able, willing, and ready to help others


Our team prioritizes attaining complete safety and security to ensure zero injuries while at work. Our technicians are fully trained and updated with various safety awareness procedures before starting any job. We provide ongoing in-house and safety skills training to stay up-to-date with:




  • Mine orientations (when needed)

  • Ontario Worker Health and Safety

  • Awareness in 4 steps

  • Any required safety training for specific job sites or jobs

A portable wash basin

Professional Affiliations

We are licensed by:

Our team carries full insurance for liability and pollution and is also insured through:

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