Welcome to Jim’s Portable Toilets & Septic Service

We at Jim’s Portable Toilets and Septic Service believe that our word is our bond.

Helping people is our goal, not selling a service. Respect every person’s contribution. No position is more or less important than another, as every job and person involved is important to the success of the company. Be grateful for your blessings and share with others.

Never ask an employee or customer to do something that you would not do, or would not be willing to do yourself. Use debt sparingly and pay your bills on time. With God’s blessing you have to be ready, willing, able and lucky. We enjoy a great reputation built by over five decades of commitment to helping people, and we as a team look forward to helping you.

Licenses we carry: moe and cvor
Members of: O.A.S.I.S. ( Ontario association of sewage industry service), C.F.I.B, and our local chamber of commerce
Supporters of: Canadian Cancer Society and Camp Quality

We are a commercially zoned company and follow all rules and regulations brought forth by the greater city of Sudbury and its affiliations.